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Andrew Kulidjian

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A Full-Stack Software Developer with a background in algorithmic trading software and experience building consumer level production-grade web applications with a junior software dev team.
Andrew started his career in software development as a founding employee of a successful algorithmic sports-betting fund, X8313 Inc, employing cutting edge math & technology. Starting out as junior developer and culminating his journey there as the Technical Lead responsible for building the end-to-end software infrastructure (analytic dashboards, data housing ETL software and trade execution applications).

Following a year in pursuit of a degree at Dalhousie University, he became disillusioned by his studies and pursued the opportunity to work with an exceptionally talented team of industry mavens at X8313.

After completing the journey with X8313 and learning everything he could there, Andrew decided to partner up with Manjeet at Mikobyte and take on an incredible opportunity to continue his learning by building software for new, exciting projects in different fields. 

This experience paired with the strategic responsibilities of operating a start-up is the exact challenge he has come to realize he wants from his professional endeavors



The key to balance is sufficient depth. 

Jack of all trades master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.

Professional Experience

Technical Lead, Vertical City (Consumer Web App)
• Full stack web app development; primarily responsible for frontend development and design of
• Marketing, sales, pitch development, business development strategy, hiring (see

• Led team of junior developers providing technical direction/teaching and project management while simultaneously being the lead technical developer on the project

Data Engineer & Quant Developer, X8313 Inc. (Sports Betting Fund)
• Founding employee of a successful algorithmic sports-betting fund employing cutting edge math & technology. Starting as junior developer and culminated as the Technical Lead responsible for building end-to-end pipeline (analytics, data housing & trade execution)
• Designed fully-automated ETL Data Pipeline on AWS that processed and stored 10 years worth of intraday data.
• Designed and scaled event-driven real-time betti
ng cloud infrastructure on AWS leveraging EC2, S3, SQS and DynamoDB.
• Built Pythonic object-oriented Betting Platform and Simulator using uniform data-units for betting/simulation consistency.
• Built P&L Dashboard Visualization tool for tracking daily live betting & simulations and automated web-scrapers.
• Developed m
ultiple profitable algorithmic predictive betting models that generated scalable returns across 3+ years.
• Assisted in closing $1.5M funding across 5 years by building decks and data visualizations

Associate, Velocity Trade Capital Ltd (FX Trading Desk)
• University summer job where he helped senior FX traders analyze risk factors for prospective trades based on geopolitical factors
• Provided consistent pricing and market-making to sales team and clients
• Developed end-of-day VBA script to account for internal positions


University of Dalhousie - Bachelors of Arts, Economics, 2nd Year Dropout


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