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Manjeet Ram

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His diverse experience set makes it difficult to paint him with a single brush.

Through the various roles in his career, Manjeet has successfully driven many profitable business-aligned strategic visions by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset, drawing on his creativity, and leveraging his diverse experience set. His diverse set of experiences include mathematical research and development, software engineering, and 15+ years of quantitative finance.

He thrives in challenging environments and prides himself on effectively managing people, mitigating risks, and delivering effective solutions to complex problems.

Manjeet founded Mikobyte in 2019 as a way focus his passion for tackling challenging problems. Mikobyte prides itself on helping clients with their biggest challenges and delivering excess value on their investments.


The joy of having a non-linear career path.

Manjeet has held a variety of roles spanning many firms over his career. While the transitions were often very challenging, the result has provided Manjeet with a rich set of diverse experiences to draw from.

For the last 15 years, Manjeet has been an effective leader in the financial industry and has added significant value to every fund he has managed. Most recently, he was the Head of Electronic Trading at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. Previously, he was a Quantitative Trader with Fortress Investment Group and Deutsche Bank.

Before his career in finance, Manjeet was working on various research and development projects. Projects of note include inventing applications that leveraged Elliptical Curve Cryptography and Computer Vision.

Manjeet also has a wealth of experience developing commercial grade software and was consistently promoted to focus on flagship products. Manjeet attributes his success in part to his artistic side and his empathy for user experience.

Manjeet graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelors of Mathematics, Computer Science. His original passion was to pursue a career in animation. It is by a stroke of chance that he passed on his acceptance into the Animation program to Sheridan.

Manjeet founded Mikobyte in 2019 as a way focus his passion on tackling challenging problems. Mikobyte prides itself on helping clients with their biggest challenges and delivering excess value on any investment.



Summaries never tell the full story with all its flavour and nuances, but occasionally breadth first is better than depth first.

Leveraging multiple specialization to creatively and efficiently solve complex business problems

Investment Experience

Trillions Traded
Ranging across multiple asset class and from high frequency to multi-day orders
Billions Managed
$80+ Billion Fixed Income and Currency Portfolios
Multiple Asset Classes
Including foreign exchange, commodities, fixed income, equities, options and swaps
Research Projects
Time-series prediction, TCA, execution style, total fund dynamics, risk management

Research and Development Projects

Hundreds of Projects
Delivered practical applications from theoretical research papers

Implemented elliptical curve encryption on 8-bit processors
Computer Vision
Implemented various techniques for security system applications
Quantitative Models
Developed and executed many alpha generating models using various techniques

Technology Expertise

Millions of Lines of Code
Written vast amounts of software covering a variety of application in many languages
Real-Time Applications
Experienced at building extremely reactive and fault tolerant code
Hardware Integration
Coded in assembly, software-hardware bridges, integrated circuit board design
Commercial Software
Delivered flagship products with creative and attractive user experiences

"Oh, the Places You'll Go" - Dr. Seuss

Professional Experience

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board - Head of Electronic Trading
Deutsche Bank - Quantitative Trader
Fortress Investment Group LLC - Quantitative Trader
Chubb Security - Senior Researcher
Hybridyne Systems - Software Development
Belzberg Technologies - Software Development

Cooperative Education Positions

Guardall - Software Development
Manulife Financial - Software Development
Ontario Police College - Technology Support
University of Waterloo - Small Business Educator


University of Waterloo - Bachelors of Mathematics, Computer Science, Co-op


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