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Many friends– after fumbling with pronunciation– will ask, how did you come up with the name Mikobyte?

  • MEE - sounds like the word ME

  • KOH - sounds the first syllable of the word COoperate

  • BAHYT- sounds like the word BITE

So, why the name Mikobyte?

The Typical Process

For me, the naming process is a difficult task. Parents routinely struggle when naming their children, for example. How does one decide? What criteria matters? What makes a name better or worse?

Different factors that make a name "good" are revealed as parents debate over the possibilities.

  • A name should sound nice.

  • A name should not remind the person of anything negative.

  • Sometimes people want names to be unique, set apart from the crowd.

  • Or the opposite, they want common names with history.

  • Names that are rooted in meaning are powerful.

As lists of names are considered, they are weighed against many factors including the ones mentioned above. Ultimately, the name chosen needs to feel right to the parents.

As parents explore unique names, or potentially names with meaning, many explore their own heritage, foreign cultures, and can be inspired by personal experiences.


One of my most memorable travel experiences was exploring Japan. My wife and I visited major cities and slowly made our way down through various islands in the south.

One of our stops was the Miyako Island. I remember it being a very rewarding part of the journey and home to one of the most beautiful beaches I'd ever seen.

When we were looking to name our first born, I thought back to my visit to Japan to look for any inspiration. It turns out that Miyako roughly translates to beautiful night child. This slowly transitioned to Miko, which roughly translates to beautiful child, and became the nickname for my oldest.

When I founded Mikobyte, my kids were very young. When thinking of what to name my business, I was very inspired by my young family. This is how Miko became a part of the name. (It is also of note that my youngest loves the color orange.)

At Mikobyte, I hope to make family always part of the equation.


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